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March 31, 2011

Bridge Music Back for a 3rd Year

Highland, NY - The acclaimed Bridge Music Listening Stations will return to the Mid-Hudson Bridge for a third year. 

After receiving world-wide attention, Composer Joseph Bertolozzi’s unique and vibrant addition to the cultural scene in the Hudson Valley will reappear at the tower landings of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge on April 1st.

“Joseph Bertolozzi has taken the abstract vibrations and sounds of the historic structure and combined them into something truly remarkable.  The NYS Bridge Authority is proud to host Bridge Music and we invite the public to experience this unique work of public art,” said Authority Executive Director Joseph Ruggiero.

The 10 piece composition at the Listening Stations represent more than five years of effort by Bertolozzi.  Bridge Music is free and open to the public on the pedestrian sidewalk of the Mid Hudson Bridge from dawn to dusk through October 31.

Bertolozzi is planning to expand the Bridge Music concept with his proposal to play the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This "Eiffel Tower Music" is being studied by the Eiffel Tower Operating Company and French Cultural Ministry.  “It’s an exciting challenge,” Bertolozzi said.

Bridge Music opened to great acclaim in 2009, and is an official destination on the Walkway Trail Loop.  The Trail Loop takes hikers, bikers and walkers from the Mid Hudson Bridge to the Walkway Over the Hudson State Park in a scenic route through the City of Poughkeepsie and the Town of Lloyd.

Bridge Music can also be heard on 95.3FM year-round over park radios installed at Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie and Johnson-Iorio Park in Highland. 

For more information on Joseph Bertolozzi and Bridge Music, go to http://josephbertolozzi.com/bridge-music-2/.