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For Immediate Release
October 10, 2011

Advertising Helps Offset Declining Toll Revenue

With toll revenue down $450,000 through the first eight months of the year, almost $200,000 in new revenue though advertising has helped the bottom line, Bridge Authority Executive Director Joseph Ruggiero said today. 

“We’re extremely pleased with the great response to the program,” Ruggiero said.  “Between the economy and high gas prices, toll revenue has seen a steady decline for the past few years.  Of course, it’s not any cheaper to do the critical maintenance to keep our older bridges safe and in good condition.”

Ruggiero noted that the majority of advertisers are local businesses and the reaction from the public has been very good.  “Most people who remark on the ads understand that we have an expensive job to do.  Using every resource to be innovative and work with the business community just makes sense.”

Ruggiero said the Bridge Authority has about $200,000 under contract to date and expects the revenue to continue to increase over the next year. 

All advertising money goes towards the operation and maintenance of the Bridge Authority’s six bridges.  The Bridge Authority does not receive state, federal or local tax dollars for operations and maintenance and is primarily funded by the tolls it charges at its facilities.

The Bridge Authority owns and operates the Bear Mountain, Newburgh-Beacon, Mid-Hudson, Kingston-Rhinecliff and Rip Van Winkle bridges.  The Authority also owns and maintains the Walkway Over the Hudson bridge structure and has an agreement with State Parks for the operation of the park.  The Bridge Authority, by law, cannot charge a toll on the Walkway Bridge.                                                       

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