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For Immediate Release
July 7, 2014

Partial Closure of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge Pedestrian Walkway to continue

Due to weather delays and additional construction activity, the Pedestrian Walkway on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge will continue to be closed for through passage Monday thru Friday thru the month of August.

This means the walkway will be only partially open, cyclists and pedestrians will not be able to cross the river on the walkway during construction.   Access during this time is limited to dawn to dusk and only as far as the construction allows.  Pedestrians and bicyclists will be required to turn around at the point of construction and return to the side on which they started.

Should work be completed ahead of the revised schedule, the walkway will be opened on a normal 7-day a week dawn to dusk schedule as soon as possible.

The Bridge Authority plans to have the walkway open on weekends during normal dawn to dusk operations hours.  Unexpected construction activities may impact these planned weekend openings.  Those intending to cross the river on weekends should call ahead.

Pedestrians and cyclists who must cross the river Monday through Friday should seek other routes.  The Newburgh-Beacon Ferry may be an alternative.  Ferry information is available at 1-800-53-FERRY.

The Bridge Authority will also post updates and notices on Twitter and Facebook.  For  Twitter, the address is @NYSBridge (https://twitter.com/#!/NYSBridge).  For Facebook (www.facebook.com), please search for the “New York State Bridge Authority.”

The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge carries Interstate 84.  Pedestrians and cyclists are prohibited from interstate highways.

The Bridge Authority apologized for any inconvenience.  This necessary maintenance, which includes panel replacement, will make sure the Walkway remains safe and well maintained for many years to come.

For questions regarding the pedestrian walkway status, please call the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge office at 845-831-3700 for further information.

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