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NYSBA Stormwater Public Outreach


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the 1987 Amendment to the Clean Water Act, has developed a phased approach to regulating stormwater runoff.  The Phase I regulations came into effect in December 1999; the new Phase II regulations became effective in 2003.  Under the Phase II program communities, state agencies and public authorities are required to develop and implement a six-part program to manage new development, protect against illegal discharges and provide good housekeeping and pollution prevention practices as part of on-going maintenance and operations.


The NYSBA has been permitted by the NYSDEC as an MS4 operator of municipal stormwater systems.  A copy of the Authority’s permit and stormwater management policy is available in the office of the Chief Engineer along with other public educational information.  Annual reporting requirements allow for public comments and this year’s annual public meeting is scheduled for May 27, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. at the Headquarters Building, at the Mid-Hudson Bridge Plaza, in Highland, New York.